Photo - Juha Kivela, Visit Finland


Sustainability is a way of life in the Nordics and sustainable travel plays an important role in the region’s tourism industry. Discover more, and where Nordic Puro fits in.

Photo - Juha Kivela, Visit Finland
CORONA INFORMATION: Currently the borders in the Nordic region are opening up to international visitors. But, do check the READ MORE button for updates and links to country border control information and how it might affect your travel.


Sustainability is a way of life in the Nordics and Sustainable Travel plays an important role in the region’s tourism industry.

The Most Sustainable Region in the World
The people have always been close to nature, and across the Scandinavian countries there is a roadmap to efficient use of natural resources, focusing on renewable energies, energy efficiency, water and waste management, climate adaptation, circular economy and integrated urban nature solutions.   But sustainability is more than having a positive impact on the environment, and there is focus on social and economic sustainability aswell.    The governments of the Nordic countries have pledged to make their region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030 and it seems to be working : Euromonitor International’s Sustainable Travel Index, which has classified sustainable tourism in 99 countries worldwide, puts Sweden, Finland, and Norway in the Top 5.


Nordic Puro is on a mission to promote sustainability, supporting the sustainable goals of the United Nations, which are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Committed to Sustainability
We are committed to making travel more sustainable, and our objective is to work towards carbon neutral travel and to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the environment as well as to ensure the social and economic impact of our tours and services are positive. We accept that this work is an ongoing process for us as well as for our partners and that there is always room for improvement, but the direction we are going is forever upwards.

We share the steps to be taken towards sustainability with our suppliers as well as customers in order to increase the knowledge and help people and companies to make the right decision in their daily work towards sustainability.

Positive Impact
We aim for our guests to feel regenerated and energized after travelling with us. We also enable customers using our travel services to leave a positive legacy to the destination either by including a donation to charity or by participating in an activity that helps to preserve the nature or supports the local community.

So, in taking a Nordic Puro package you will be participating directly towards having a positive impact on the area’s environment, economy and culture.

What sustainable things you can experience from a Nordic Puro tour?
  Travel outside peak seasons where possible
  Use public transportation or low-emission cars.
  Activities using non-polluting electricity, such as boats and snowmobiles, or animal-power like huskies and reindeers
  Experience local food made small scale with locally sourced fresh ingredients
  We choose local suppliers with sustainable ethics


Finland has what is widely regarded as the best tap water in the world, and in blind tests came out more highly-rated than bottled water.  So, feel free not to buy single-use plastic bottles and just fill your own with clean water from any tap.